What is a Task Manager App?

Why do I need a task manager? A good task tracker will simplify the workflow, make it more transparent, and help plan and monitor the implementation of projects from a variety of professional fields.

Why Do I Need a Task Manager?

Planning is an essential part of our lives. It is always important to have clear structures for any kind of event. Whether it is an apartment remodeling, a birthday party or even a project at work, having clear structures will help to make things go smoothly. A task manager helps you manage your time better.

A good task tracker will make the workflow easier to understand, make it more transparent and help plan and monitor project implementations from various professional fields. Planning is an important part of our lives. It is always important to have clear structures of the workflow when planning events, whether they be apartment renovations, birthdays, or projects at work. That's why the task manager is a useful tool for daily task planning.

What Is a Task Manager?

Task Manager is a project management program that allows you to centrally manage tasks and their timely execution. Task trackers are widely used in project management, because they allow you to easily monitor all work processes and monitor the work of the team.

How to Choose a Task Manager?

Task managers have always been popular and relevant. However, in the context of the mass transition to remote work, many companies felt an urgent need for such a tool. Еhe number of people working remotely has grown by as much as 44%. Now that you know what a task manager is and what criteria will help you in finding a suitable option, we suggest finding the best task managerю

To find a task manager suitable for the job, pay attention to the following criteria.

Easy to use.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a task manager for yourself or for a company, an intuitive interface is the main criterion when choosing a tool. If, when you first use the program, you do not understand how to create a task or set deadlines, then there is clearly something wrong with it.

Automatic notifications.

Automatic alerts help you not to miss anything important and allow you not to be distracted from work, independently checking the status of colleagues' tasks and the progress of work on the project.

Types of task display.

This makes it possible to present information in various forms: kanban, list, Gantt chart, calendar, etc.

Download management.

The ability to manage resources will help to monitor how much time employees spend doing their daily work, as well as to control that none of them is overloaded or left idle.

Mobile application.

For work efficiency, it is important that the task manager is literally always at hand. A mobile application will help you cope with this, which will notify you of a new task or burning deadlines, wherever you are.

Integration with other tools.

Integrations with various applications greatly facilitate the workflow. For example, it can be a popular messenger or calendar, which will make communication in the team even easier and faster.

Creating reports.

If the task manager supports the creation of reports, you will easily be able to evaluate the effectiveness of work and analyze the financial component.